Imran Khan: A leader with a passion for defying the odds

He might be the Prime Minister of Pakistan but there’s no way you can ever separate the man from Cricket. That’s right; Imran Khan outshone everyone else not only with his abilities with the ball, but also with his dangling locks! He had women swooning over him when the 1992 World cup came home but his talent made the entire youth of Pakistan chant his name 26 years later. If that’s not the story of an inspiration, we don’t know what is. Here is how Imran Khan is the best thing to happen to Pakistan:

His ability to stir enthusiasm and passion

Through a hale and hearty bout of zeal and urge, the extraordinary Khan engineered Pakistani crickets most astounding and prided accomplishment back in 1992. Despite being the underdogs, the team managed to win the final only because of the efforts of Imran Khan who stirred up so much passion in the boys that they performed extraordinarily well. In his words: “I handpicked that young team and for them to win the World Cup from that impossible situation was a source of such happiness to the Pakistanis.

Khan also prompted a huge number of Pakistani’s out on the streets with him back in the 2014 when he called a nationwide protest against the PML-N government. His words became the law for his followers and his enthusiasm proved to be contagious. The march spread the slogan “Go Nawaz Go” so much that #GoNawazGo was one of the most used hashtags of the year!

His extremely smart thinking

The Captain left the team perplexed when he brazenly stepped in to the dressing room attired in prominent T-shirt embodying a roaring tiger. “I want my team today to play like a cornered tiger, when it’s at its most dangerous,” Khan told his teammates and gave them a heartfelt briefing before the final game in 1992. Powered by the caucus call, a strengthened team went ahead and won. It was a mere display of Khan’s smart thinking capabilities back then.

But the man had much more planned. Everything that began from the Azaadi march to raising the Avenfield issues, Khan played each card to such perfection that there was no chance anyone else could beat him to the PM’s seat.

He’s got a heart of gold

Mr. Khan is one man from the country who has already saved millions of lives and facilitated happy households. 2 decades ago, Pakistan couldn’t imagine a cancer hospital, let alone one that treated underprivileged patients for free. A decade after his mother Shaukat Khanum died from cancer, his vision in her commemoration had become an actuality by his determination and charisma only.

Namal College, Mianwali, is also a humanitarian scheme & impulse of Imran Khan, contingent to endowments from beneficiaries. At present 90% of the student populace at Namal is on grant since they belong to hard up families and is attaining degrees of Bradford University, London.

Imran Khan’s azaadi march was all due to sit in for as long as it took to meet their demands, but as soon as the Peshawar incident occurred, he stepped down. Khan understood that the country was mourning, the people were hurt beyond measure, and the political side of him needed to rest. If that’s a not a man with a good heart, we don’t know what is!

He leads from the front

Khan’s valor is incontestable! The man barely has any protection. His supporters every so often show concern, but he sticks to being as he is. Whether it be as a captain of the cricket team, where he always felt that he needed to perform the best for his team, or climbing on top of the containers in Azaadi march with absolutely no bullet proof glass casing, he is a man who knows his place. As soon as he came into power and held the most important office in a country’s government, the Khan proclaimed that the protocol provided to the federal as well as the provincial ministers would be trifling. But what’s awesome is that he won’t be living in the Prime Minister house himself either nor be availing any sort of official travel protocol. Now that’s a guy who knows how to lead the team by example.

He is an international figure for all the right reasons

While some may argue that Pakistani leaders are always in the news anyway, they might also want to deliberate on what that ‘news’ actually is! Mr. Imran Khan is perhaps the only politician to be known through Pakistan for his charisma. The country needed a man who could represent it in the international media as well as foreign platforms. Imran Khan is already loved and applauded by countries all over the world through his cricketing galore, efforts on health and education and also for being absolutely dashing at 66 years of age! Even India loves the man, which is evident from the fact that Navjot Singh Sidhu specially came to attend his oath taking ceremony.

Pakistan has his heart

No man has enough guts to leave a happily married life and strive for his homeland, but Mr. Khan did what he found was right. Being married to the love of his life, while having two handsome boys at the peak of his career was all he needed. But when it came to serving the nation and breaking free the shackles of unemployment, illiteracy, high mortality and poor living conditions, Imran Khan did not think twice before choosing his country.

Imran Khan is a man who delivers. He is a man who speaks out his heart. He is someone who will take a stand for this country no matter what the consequences. It was decades ago that he chose Pakistan and it was in 2018 that this country chose him. The nation stood up for him when he needed support and we’re certain he’ll do the same. We just can’t wait to see him shine!

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